Saturday, January 17, 2015

GINUARY 17th: Tuxedo #2

Originally created during the 1800s this tarted up version of the Martini resurfaced during Prohibition. Maybe the addition of cherry and anise helped to disguise the harsh spirits of the day? Whatever the reason this is red carpet worthy. Put on your formal wear and sip on this beauty, it may just make you feel like Gatsby.

2 oz. Brokers Premium London Dry Gin
¾ oz. Dolin Rouge Sweet Red Vermouth
¼ oz. Luxardo Il Maraschino
2 dashes orange bitters
Absinthe rinse

How to:
Rinse inside of chilled cocktail glass with absinthe, discard. Combine all remaining ingredients over ice in shaker and stir for 15 seconds. Strain into rinsed glass and garnish with twist.

- Wendy Crispell, Certified Specialist of Wine

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