Friday, November 8, 2013


You may think I went to Australia to check out the wine scene. But you would be wrong. That was all just a ruse.

The real reason anyone to go to Australia is to see kangaroos.

Wendouree Malbec? Really old Hunter Valley Semillon? Early vintage Grange? The actual Hill of Grace? That crazy little parcel of super old vine Marsanne tucked away in Victoria?


Look! A Kangaroo!
(They have their own paparazzi.)

Those unicorn wines and places mean nothing compared to the possibility of spotting a big bouncing marsupial. On tour in the Clare Valley, we even forced our bus driver to stop when we saw one hop by so we could chase it into a field in an attempt to get a photo.  (Apparently some of my travel mates weren’t allowed to come home unless they had a picture of a kangaroo, so this was very serious business.)

Are they as cute in real life as they are on TV? Sure… except they can kill you with one well-placed kick.

Cute factor aside, they’re really like deer in the Midwest. They like to stay to themselves and avoid people and you’ll really only see them if they’re forced to search further for food than they would like. In which case they wind up on in the vineyards or near the roadways. You’ll see roo-crossing signs there just as you would see deer crossing signs here. And your Aussie car will often have a “roo-bars” to keep the front from crumpling when you inevitably hit a roo. On my first trip to Australia, we did indeed hit one. And just like when my brother hit one in Ohio, the officer at the scene asked if we wanted to take it home. We didn’t. In either case. Because seriously, how would I fit it my suitcase?

The money shot below. (And if it's really a wallaby, keep it to yourself.)

I swear there's a kangaroo in this picture.

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Oh nice blog. Thanks for sharing. I like Australia and specially Australian Wine.