Friday, June 28, 2013

The Civilian Series: Tuesday

Matthias Dostert Rosay 2012 (Mosel, Germany)

This wine was a big success.

Here’s why:
1)    It’s pink (at least it was, now it’s non-existent because we drank it all.)
2)    It’s a little bit sweet (but not at all cloying)
3)    It has the tiniest bit of spritz (not sparkle, just a little tongue prickle)

In a sense, it’s like the PUR Bulles Gamay, but without as many bubbles. At the store, we consider it our version of a White Zinfandel. We get a lot of tourists in the summer and this spikes our requests for White Zinfandel. This fits the bill: it’s pink, sweet, very easy to drink, and relatively inexpensive. But it’s also technically very geeky – I had never even heard of the Roter Elbling grape until I tried this wine last spring. And it’s delicious and refreshing, requirement #1 among our rosé-drinking locals.It's a winning formula:

Local Color: The Back Bay is beautiful
Happy Tourists
+ Geek Cred
+ Happy Locals
= Just About Perfect

It also racks up bonus points because it’s also super fun to say: I’ll have some more of that rosé Ros-aaaay! We have lots of fun with that at the store. It’s a like a wine-soaked Who’s on First routine: I’ll have the Rosay. Which rosé? The Rosay rosé. Yes, they all are, which one would you like?

Somehow, we avoided this whole routine at the beach and commentary was generally just along the lines of “can I have some more of that one?” (Which one? I Don’t Know. He’s on third base.)

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Kristi said...

Sounds like a winner! Are you taking applications for next year's group of civilians?