Friday, August 10, 2012

The Civilian Series: Wednesday

Another beer night.

We went to a Japanese grill place with lots of flaming shrimp, which the kids love. But the wine list was one of those that only lists the grape variety, and nothing more. No worries, they had Sapporo. I really don’t know if this is considered “good” beer or not, but I’m a sucker for the silver can. I reminds me of my year living in London when the first Wagamama’s noodle bar had just opened (google it yourself, I’m not going to willingly give away my age!) and the lines were long and you could drink big cans of Sapporo in the queue (remember, this was in London, so it was a queue, not a line.) 

So beer it was – exactly the thing to drink when shrimps are flying and you’re trying to keep your kids’ hair from catching fire.

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Ibukun said...

Great Post. As they say you never know until you try.. Good things usually come in the silver can to my experience anyway!