Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Signs that I'm Not a Corporation

I've posted before about the sad underbelly of "living the dream" of owning a wine store. One of the sad things is the lack of the big, fat corporate expense account... Or an account to buy shiny new computer equipment (or an IT department to set it up.)  So when your old stuff moves into the scuffed-and-limping-along phase, you deal with it for as long as you need to.

So when you drop your phone two months after buying it...And the screen cracks...but the touch screen still works..and yeah, there are glass shards kind of sticking out but they're not actually drawing blood...and the kids can still play Angry Birds without inflicting harm on their little fingers...

When this happens, you stick with your sad sack phone for as long as you can, ideally until your contract resets. Which is what I did. And yes, I could have gone to any of the many "guys" that helpful customers knew that could fix me up. But that would require phone calls, and subway trips and time....and like I said - it's not like anyone's fingers were bleeding!

But...yesterday after over a year of using this cracked phone, my contract reset and I was able to justify getting a replacement. With the upgraded insurance. And the super protective outercase. And the new Siri feature (which frankly, is a little creepy, but it's even more entertaining than Angry Birds.)

So bye bye iPhone.
I'm sorry I dropped many, many times.
But you served me well until the end.


Felipe Donnelly said...

HA! Finally! Congrats.

Jon said...

"Living the Dream" - I love it

Christy said...

I almost forgot what it was like to read without peering through a giant crack!