Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Idea #2: The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Wine Clubs!

I firmly believe the best way to learn about wine is to get out there and just drink it. Drink wines you're not familiar with. Made from grapes you've never heard of. Grown in regions you can't find on a map without aguide. You may not like everything you try, but you may also find something you absolutely love, that completely takes you by surprise.

And the best way to get these bottles of wine you never you needed?

Easy....join a Frankly Wines Wine Club! 

(Full disclosure: I may be somewhat conncected to Frankly Wines. But if you didn't already know that, you really need to pay more attention.)

So...Wine Clubs. We have options…lots of them.

There’s our monthly Sampler, available in two different budget options. Or go for maximum impact with our Bubbling Over sparkling clubs.

All are available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month options. Or go on a month-by-month basis - just sign up and we’ll keep sending you wine (and charging you for it, we’re not THAT generous) until you tell us to stop.

Click here for details. (Please ignore the wonky formatting, it's still very readable and this time of year, there's not enough time to slow down and fix it.)

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