Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Idea #1: A Really Good Bottle of Champange

‘Tis the season to drink Champagne. 
Is there really any more to say?

(Ok, there is more to say. Like that you shouldn’t wait until the holidays to drink Champagne. You should drink it year round. Whenever  you want. And not just for big celebrations. Because champagne is “just” wine with bubbles. And it’s delicious!)

Now, on to the recommendation
Marie Noelle Ledru - outstanding in her field
(photo credit: Bonhomie Wine Imports)

If I could place a bet on which champagne is going to be the hottest thing going in the next couple years, I would bet on the bubbles of Marie Noëlle Ledru. 

This is Grower Champagne produced in the tiniest of quantities. Ledru owns 6 hectares of vines – small enough as it is, but absolutely tiny when you consider she sells off half of that to bigger houses. She farms without chemicals or pesticides, minimizes sulfur additions, hand-disgorges each bottle, and does the riddling on her own.

Yes, all this attention to detail makes for good copy, but the wines speak for themselves. They’re a marvel of ripe fruit, firm minerality, earthy, salty, biscuity goodness. But what’s most amazing is the pricing. This bottle is $50 on the shelf. Certain perfectly-nice-but-but-definitely-not-hand-tended champagnes are pushing this price point.

But that $50 price tag may not last for long. As I mentioned, Ledru is poised on the edge of being the next big (well, not really big) thing. The people who talk about such things are quietly buzzing about these wines. Their charm, their deliciousness, their sheer value. The distributor has already removed any quantity deals…because what’s the point of a quantity deal when there’s not much quantity to sell.

So next year, when every single cool kid is going on about Ledru, you can say you drank it when.

Marie Noelle Ledru Grand Cru Ambonnay Brut NV Price: $49.99
Marie Noelle LeDru Grand Cru Ambonnay Brut NV (Magnum) Price: $99.99
Marie Noelle LeDru Grand Cru Brut 2002 Price: $74.99

Arriving soon: Extra Brut, Extra Brut Magnums, Rose

Yes, I clearly have a thing for these wines.

Buy them here. (Just type Ledru in the search box)

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