Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Reco #6: For Those Who Want a Matched Set

I have a thing for muscat-based wines….especially dry versions. Or ‘almost’ dry versions. Sales reps know this, so I’m an easy target. I already had signed up for the regular size bottles of this delicious, very-nearly dry Binner muscat, so my former-staffer-now-sales-guy knew I would be a sucker for the big magnum bottles.

Supercool, super-tall magnums.
Biodynamic/little-to-no-manipulation wine-making.
Yummy dry wine with the slightest bit of CO2 prickle….it was a clear case of muscat love-at-first-sight.

Obviously I’m biased, but I do think this wine would be an objectively good match to the Thanksgiving dinner. You could drink it before, during, and after. And never mind the actual wine – the bottle is just damn cool. Be the hit of the party and pick up a big bottle. Or go all Goldilocks and get both small and large....together, they're just right

Domaine Binner Muscat Ca Gazouille 2008: $29.99
Domaine Binner Muscat Ca Gazouille 2008 Magnum 1.5 Liter: $52.99

Buy them here.

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"CAPTAIN DAVE" said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Christy!