Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Idea #1: Chardonnay-Hater's 3-Pack

Everybody loves to hate Chardonnay. But there's a lot more variety to the grape than most people expect. Give the hater in your life this cheeky 3-Pack of Chardonnay-based wines that taste nothing like the typical "Chardonnay.”

3-Pack includes:

Philippe Chavy Bourgogne Blanc 2008 (Burgundy, France): Many people don’t realize that white Burgundy is made from Chardonnay. But it is – and it’s generally considered the mack daddy of Chardonnay expression. Other regions around the world strive for the balance of elegance, richness, nuttiness, minerality and subtle fruit that is good white Burgundy (a.k.a. Chardonnay)

Chateau de Beru Chablis 2007 (Burgundy, France): This is miles away from the big, buttery Chardonnay bombs that the haters love to hate. From the cool, northerly part of France, it’s all minerally and razor-edged – like green apples, shimmery oyster shells, and chalky stones

Michel Gahier Arbois “Les Crets” 2006 (Arbois, Jura, France): This doesn’t taste like any other Chardonnay you’ve ever had – unless you’re already a fan of this obscure region near France’s board with Switzerland. It’s made in the Jura’s traditional, purposely oxidized style, which gives it a nutty, twangy, slight sherry note. Sound scary? It’s stunning with cream and mushroom–based dishes.

Price: $69  Buy it here.

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