Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And Still More Validation of My Good Taste: Rouquefort Corail Rose in the New York Times

If you’re read this blog for any period of time, you’ll pick up on a couple recurring themes:
1. I don’t like when people ask me about parking rules

2. Corks. Lots and lots of corks. (Technically, you don’t need to actually read – just look at the background of the many of the pictures)

3. I’m a little crazed about Rioja…and the Jura…and Chateau Musar

4. I am always (not so) subtly pleased with myself when I already have something on my shelves that pops up in the New York Times Wednesday wine column.
Well….guess what happened today! One of my wines popped up again. The Chateau de Rouquefort Corail Rose 2009 was the #1 choice of the annual rose tasting panel.  Some of you may remember meeting the winemaker/owner, Raimond Villanueve when he was pouring at the store a couple months ago. Feel free to brag about that to your friends.

I won’t go on about the wine, because hey, you can read about it in the New York Times!

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