Saturday, March 13, 2010

Radio Silence at Tax Time

Corporate taxes are due on Monday. I have my extensions in place (or rather, my accountant has my extensions in place.) So that gives me (or rather, my accountant) until September or December to actually get the forms completed. But alas, I still need to get everything to my accountant so he can sort out the personal taxes due next month. So I’m not writing about the latest round of trade tastings. or about my new stash of Puffeney, or another round of That Customer (the looking-for-a-clairvoyant-shopkeeper post is on deck.) No, instead I’m observing a period of radio silence as I sort out a year’s worth of receipts, invoices and credit card statement reconciliations.

I know, I know. I should be doing this on a quarterly basis. But that just didn’t happen last year. But this year, it will happen! Quarterly! Maybe even monthly!

But for now….back to radio silence.

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