Saturday, April 18, 2009

Auction Fun? Boring, boring, boring....BORED-EAUX!

I've written before about the first Frankly Wines foray into the auction world. Well, I'm back for more and as of this very minute, sitting at the Sotheby's Finest and Rarest Wine Auction. I could say I'm "live blogging" to use a trendy technical term, but really, I'm just a little bored.

Specifically, I'm a little Bored-eaux!

We're slogging through pages and pages of multiple 12 bottle lots of 2005 big name Bordeaux. For example, we just got through 9 identical lots of Chateau Montrose 2005. The winning bidder of the first lot had the right to claim all of the remaining lots at that same price. But an absentee bidder happened to put in a higher bid for one of those remaining lots, so the bidding was reopened. That winner could have claimed the remaining lots, but only wanted the one. So bidding was reopened again and the new winner got to make his claim on the rest. Which mercifully for us, he took. You get the idea. Sort of. As much as I get it and I'm sitting here listening to it.

It will get more exciting. Some of the lots I'm interested in are coming soon. These include lesser known names from good years and great names from crappy years. I'm especially interested in some mixed lots with a variety of vintages and producers. Or random single bottles. Serious collectors tend to ignore these lots, but cheap little retailers like Frankly Wines love them.
Well, we're getting close to my stuff, so must get back to my spreadsheet!

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