Friday, March 27, 2009

The Perfect Wine Retailers Shoe

After almost a year and a half at the store, I have decided on the perfect shoe. This is a big deal because in my old corporate gig, I wore heels. Very high heels with pointy toes. This works when you're only walking from your desk to a meeting or out to lunch. Doesn't work so well when you're in a wine store, hauling around cases, standing behind the register, and making local deliveries.

The first 6 months or so that the store was open, I was pregnant, so the shoe choice was further constrained by what I could fit my feet into. Mainly very flat, funky sneaker-type shoes from my previous pregnancies. Over the winter, I wore out two pairs of fairly flat calf-high boots. Now I'm back into those flat, funky sneaker things, which I'm really starting to hate. Apparently, I'm finally starting to miss my heels.

So what's a wine-hauling, hand truck-pulling, heel-loving girl to do?

Cowboy boots. I have decided I need one (or a couple) pairs of cowboy boots. They have heels, yet they're sturdy. They're pointy, yet they're comfortable (once you break them in.) And they can work with jeans or trousers.

Now I just need to buy a pair (or two.) Anyone know where the nearest cowboy boot store is to 66 West Broadway, Manhattan?

FYI...I am not looking for rainbow-colored boots. But they do look pretty in the picture.

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